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At Home Arkansas - October 2016

Three Arkansas-based designers share their advice on layering fabrics, varying patterns, and adding color and texture to create a luxe environment in your home. Link to Article


What’s your signature design style?
My style is based in a modern aesthetic with luxe neutrals and layered textures for warmth. I strive for an interior that looks collected over time and speaks to the interests of the people who reside within it rather than a specific time period.  I love the juxtaposition of opposites, a carved heirloom chair with a modern Lucite table. Lastly, I subscribe to the mantra “form follows function.” The most successful spaces meet the needs of a modern family in addition to looking aesthetically pleasing.

Describe your approach to creating a fabric scheme.
I think it’s easiest to start with something the client really loves. I will pull over-scaled geometric prints or bold textures from my library and see what they are drawn to. Then I add complementary colors, patterns, and textures for a layered finished look.

Are there any fabrics you just cannot wait to use?
3-D printed textiles have been making a statement on the fashion runways, especially in the haute couture shows. I look forward to getting my hands on these texturally amplified and futuristic fabrics, or better yet, a printer to experiment with my own.

How do you select upholstery fabric?
It’s important to think long-term on investment pieces which is why neutral colors tend to be the best choice. You may replace your pillows, or art as trends and your taste evolve but main upholstery pieces should withstand a few room restyles.  My first choice is high quality leathers that age well as they show signs of wear. When choosing a fabric, I select something with depth or variation of a color vs. a uniform solid as it is the least forgiving to spills and stains. Crypton, Sunbrella, Microfiber and other performance technologies should be prioritized in high-traffic zones like a main living area.

Ashley Cardiel, Ashley Cardiel Interiors, Springdale, (479) 530-1147

Ashley Cardiel